It’s been just over a year now since I joined Kirkham Young.  A year which has been, as is always the case in recruitment, full of ups and downs.  I’m pleased to say there have been more of the former than the latter.  Sam and Tina’s dogs have almost accepted me as one of their own whenever I’ve been down to the office, and let’s face it, when you’re new to a company you don’t want to be upsetting the owner’s mutts.

Perhaps the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make in joining KY is working from home.  You see, the office is in a lovely part of rural Sussex, and I live in Cheshire.  That’s one heck of a commute!  So, in the interests of work efficiency and reducing my carbon footprint, I set up for work each day in my home office (well, the dining room table anyway) with the dog at my feet and the Skype channel open so I can “talk” to my work colleagues.  And you know what?  It suits me just fine.

Friends and family are constantly asking me how I feel about working from home.  Honestly, you’d have thought it was some kind of radical new concept and I’m playing some trailblazing part in changing how the nation works!  Concerned looks as I’m asked if I don’t get lonely, or did I manage to get my lunch ok?  Seriously, the one thing I’m never going to struggle with is finding myself something to eat!

To be honest, I really enjoy working at home.  The school run takes about 15 minutes; back at 8.30 and straight into the day’s tasks.  The biggest problem I’ve had to come to terms with is the dog.  Naturally she’s glad of the company each day, but getting on in years as she is, bless her, she spends the vast majority of the day curled up on her bed asleep.  Which is fine…except she snores.  Loudly.  It’s not unusual for me to be talking to a Sales Manager or a candidate on the ‘phone when suddenly they interrupt to ask me if it’s thunder that they can hear in the background.  I swear one or two have thought I’ve been nodding off as they are talking, too.  I get an awkward silence, followed by a slightly nervous, “Are you still there?”  Yup, I’m still here alright, but the hound’s not that impressed by your latest SvT numbers and has nodded off….again.

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