West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) has launched a Digital Health and Skills Lab, which will be open to the region’s health and care companies.

The lab, which is located within the Digital Health Quarter at iCentrum, will offer a space for digital innovation, allowing health tech companies the opportunity to test and develop their products.

It has been opened in the hope of increasing investment investment in life sciences across the West Midlands and improving the health of people across the region.

WMAHSN head of digital health Neil Mortimer said: "The Digital Health & Skills Lab provides a really exciting opportunity for businesses, NHS professionals and the public to come together and engage with digital health in an interactive and informative environment.”

“We hope that businesses can use this space to test and showcase their innovation for the benefit the whole of the West Midlands. This is another great step towards a better future for healthcare, and we’re excited for the Lab to continue to grow and expand into the secondary and social care sectors.”

The lab’s success will be measured by how well it delivers benefits such as improving patient experience within the NHS, increasing the capacity of health care professionals and attracting inward investment within the West Midlands.

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