Wellmind Health’s digital pain management programme (PMP) Pathway through Pain has successfully passed the assessment process to be included in the NHS Apps Library.

Wellmind’s PMP provides an alternative to opioids for those suffering from chronic pain, providing education on pain physiology, psychology and self-management. It offers features such as guided exercise, relaxation and mindfulness practice and tips for changing unhelpful thinking patterns and habits.

New NICE guidelines have said that GPs should not prescribe certain medications, such as opioids, to those suffering from chronic pain, citing the lack of evidence for their efficacy and their high risk of harm.

Patients who complete Wellmind’s Pathway through Pain are reported as seeing significant improvements compared to other measures, while it also delivers healthcare cost savings of £240 per person for the year following intervention, according to research in the British Journal of Pain.

Richard Latham, CEO of Wellmind Health, said: "We've been working with regional NHS pain services to achieve the highest clinical standards for Pathway through Pain since its launch back in 2011, so it's exciting to have this recognition at a national level.”

“The NHS continues to lead the way in promoting the benefits of using apps to effectively self-manage chronic health conditions. The ability of patients to self-manage chronic pain effectively has become increasingly important since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reduce face-to-face contact.”

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