Surfcath, a catheter designed to administer surfactant using the LISA method to preterm babies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), has been launched by Vygon, a single-use medical devices company.

The catheter boasts a curved distal tip to boost manoeuvrability so as to negate the need to use Magill forceps, and therefore reduce the risk of injuries to premature infants.

Occurring predominantly in preterm babies, RDS is defined as a breathing disorder caused by underdeveloped lungs which requires a surfactant injection to combat the deficiency. The use of the Surfcath, therefore, enables healthcare professionals to administer the surfactant in the least invasive and most risk-free way possible, causing the least harm and pain to the babies in question.

Executive vice president of Vygon, François Rochiccioli, said: “Premature neonates are at increased risk of a number of conditions, including Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a serious danger in the first few weeks of their lives. At Vygon we develop bespoke single-use medical devices for patients, including the tiniest, and strive to decrease the risks of injuries or discomfort during procedures while using our devices. We are proud of our latest innovation, Surfcath, co-invented with Dr. Kribs from the University Hospital of Cologne. This catheter could considerably improve the preemies care, right after birth."

The Surfcath will come to market by this December, and will become available in European and American markets, closely followed by Asia-Pacific, to support doctors in their duties and boost their portfolio of services.

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