United Soft Plastics (USP) says there has been an increase in interest regarding the use of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for the production of numerous COVID-19 related medical applications.

USP says it has been approached by domestic and international companies looking to covert non-medical manufacturing facilities in order to produce items to meet the medical demand the pandemic has created.

Benedict Herbst, USP Executive Vice President and CFO, says that TPEs are being used in COVID-19 related products, such as PPE and ventilator parts.

While the company expects this demand to dip towards the middle or end of this year, they believe that long-term support for TPEs will be greater than prior to the pandemic.

Herbst said: “We are pleased to be an important contributor in the development of medical products that will help our fellow citizens combat this awful virus.”

“We see a larger fraction of consumers become more conscious of infectious disease and the ability that we have, both as manufacturers and consumers, to prevent the spread of disease through the choice of proper materials.”

On the back of this growth, USP is undertaking extensive product development, now offering a broader portfolio of TPE products. Its range now offers new acrylic-based TPEs, which combine an ultra-transparent profile, smooth dry surface and improved oil and chemical resistance.

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