Despite the negativity over Brexit, the government is determined to show the UK as an attractive hub for global investment and is set to unveil a £1 billion package in life sciences, forming the backdrop of the Prime Minister’s attempts to increase support for her Brexit agreement.

The majority of the investment is to come from Belgium-based, UCM, which already has a significant presence in the UK.

However, leaders of giant pharmaceutical companies have warned that the UK could lose out on the investment if it is slow to take up innovative medicines by the National Health Service.

UK head of Pfizer, Erik Nordkamp, who has been appointed as the president of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, said: “The UK pharmaceutical industry and the patients who rely on it are under serious threat from Brexit as well as from the flawed way medicines are developed, tested and made available to patients in the country.”

UCB has its headquarters in Brussels and focuses on neurology and immunology. With a staff of around 650 people across the UK and Ireland, UCB has a number of scientists working in research and development.

Jean-Christophe Tellier, the company’s chief executive, commented the strength of the UK is “[its] ability to get this triangle between London, Cambridge, and Oxford. The ability to get together not only strong academic backgrounds and people, but also access to financing and access to very strong hospitals, key opinion leaders, clinicians.”

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