A UK startup has launched a new wearable stress relief device which is designed to use low-frequency infrasound to regulate the wearer’s nervous system and tone the vagus nerve.

The Sensate is a palm-sized device created by BioSelf Technology founder Stefan Chmelik. The device sits on the user’s chest and syncs with a free mobile app. It is designed to improve mental wellbeing and build resilience to stress through daily 10-minute sessions.

The vagus nerve is responsible for calming the body following periods of stress and anxiety and toning it is thought to relax the body’s “fight, flight, freeze” emergency response.

According to a press release, the Sensate II has been redesigned from 2018’s Sensate prototype following user feedback. The new model features an improved ergonomic design, a redesigned engine to transmit the low-frequency register in a new way, an 800 per cent increase in battery life.

Also, unlike the prototype which used single-frequency sound, the new model has been upgraded to be able to create multi-layer frequency, boosting the device’s impact.

According to the device’s creator, Stefan Chmelik: “Stress and mental health issues are a 21st-century health crisis, with around 300 million people globally suffering from depression and anxiety. Through breath, meditation and music, we have found ways to stimulate feelings of wellbeing, harmony, and belonging.”

“Sensate achieves this reliably, consistently and without training, using technology to recreate these natural chest harmonics, without effort and in 10 minutes a day – like a super-charged power nap.”

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