SYNE-COV, a machine learning algorithm from clinical AI firm Sensyne Health that predicts the likelihood of a patient with COVID-19 developing severe illness, has received regulatory approval in the UK.

The algorithm is the result of a collaboration undertaken by Sensyne alongside the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The algorithm, developed using the SENSE clinical and operational algorithm engine, is the first of its kind to gain regulatory approval in the UK.

SYNE-COV analyses more than 60 variables from a COVID-19 patient’s health record in order to predict whether they are likely to develop severe illness and require ventilation or intensive care treatment. Along with the prediction, SYNE-COV generates an explanation, which can be useful for clinicians in managing their treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The regulatory approval means that Sensyne can now market the algorithm within the UK. It will be used in NHS Trusts to aid in preparedness for treating COVID-19 during the upcoming 2021-22 winter.

Sensyne Health CEO Lord Drayson commented: “This is the first Sensyne Clinical AI algorithm to achieve regulatory approval that has been developed using our SENSE clinical AI platform. The SENSE engine is expected to be able to generate clinical algorithms across a range of medical conditions that will provide real-time clinical decision-making support. Achieving the first regulatory approval is an important milestone for the company and we look forward to being able to roll SYNE-COV out to the NHS.”

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