University College London Hospitals’ (UCLH) PET/CT equipment capacity received an upgrade from Siemens Healthineers with its multi-modality Biograph Vision system in a bid to reduce waiting times and improve patient experiences.

The new technology will be used primarily for clinical oncology, but will also support staff with research purposes and in clinical cardiology. No doubt, the capacity in other parts of the hospitals will also be increased consequently.

Specifically, the Biograph Vision PET/CT scanner allows users to understand with greater accuracy and efficiency the nature of disease progression. Its higher spatial resolution facilitates a faster time of flight and a reduction in the impact of partial volume effect, whilst also making it easier to see small lesions.

Presently, UCLH provides scanning services within and across North London using Siemens Healthineers technology, allowing the hospitals to increase capacity without sacrificing on space.

Business manager for Molecular Imaging and Radiation Oncology at Siemens Healthineers, Lawrence Foulsham, commented: “The installation of the Biograph Vision allows staff at UCLH to meet growing clinical demand for PET/CT confidently. The system offers the reliable, robust technology needed when scanning at such high throughput.”

Siemens Healthineers further provided UCLH, specifically the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospital, with a new MRI to allow radiographers and radiologists to increase its imaging capacity for patients.

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