Storz Medical, which champions pressure and shock wave technology as part of its treatment offerings to patients across the world, recently announced the launch of its ATLAS transmitter to assist people with severe cervical spine muscle pain.

Developed in conjunction with shockwave technology expert Dr Carlo Di Maio from Rheinberg, Germany, the ATLAS boasts a biocompatible silicone plunger to gently stimulate muscles and connective tissues in the region to alleviate tension.

Noting that many patients came to his orthopaedic practice complaining of pain, Dr Di Maio said: “The main causes of neck pain are predominantly poor posture and overloading of the back, nape and shoulder muscles.

“Stress also has an influence on the fascia and the associated muscles. This causes the structures to stiffen, especially in the neck-nape region. Adhesion of the fascia can trigger or intensify vegetative symptoms such as dizziness and tinnitus. Long-term fascial disorders can cause chronic pain and weaken the immune system.”

The ATLAS transmitter also has the possibility of being paired with the FALCON handpiece to support a low-intensity treatment. This will allow sticking areas to be dissolved, with pain therefore prevented or even eliminated in some instances.

The new transmitter has allowed Storz Medical to boost its product range and services, with further growth and expansion anticipated to enable recovery amongst orthopaedic patients across the world.

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