Smith+Nephew has announced the launch of its new WEREWOLF FASTSEAL 6.0 Hemostasis Wand, which sees the company expand its WEREWOLF Technology range into the orthopaedic reconstruction market.

The new Hemostasis Wand utilises low temperature thermal energy in order to provide hemostatic sealing. This is used during open orthopaedic surgeries and has been proven to effectively reduce blood loss and significantly shorten the duration of procedures.

The device aims to support surgeons in navigating challenges such as intra-operative bleeding, which can impair a surgeon’s visibility during an operation and cause risks to patients, while simultaneously helping to improve patient outcomes.

Smith+Nephew’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Sports Medicine Scott Schaffner commented: "We're thrilled to introduce our industry-leading WEREWOLF technology into a new market segment with hemostasis wands.

"With this launch we're combining our most innovative Sports Medicine technology with our leading Orthopaedic Reconstruction portfolio to offer a complete Smith+Nephew solution; one that is hugely valuable for our orthopaedic customers and their patients."

Ronald W. Singer, MD, the first surgeon to use the device, added: "The FASTSEAL 6.0 Hemostasis Wand excels in its delivery of hemostasis. The MAX power button feature allows me to immediately target and treat bleeding vessels quickly and effectively. The wand felt great in my hand; was easy to manoeuvre, comfortable and versatile."

Singer continued: "As we look to minimise the footprint in our operating room spaces, being able to integrate the wand onto the WEREWOLF platform is hugely beneficial, too."

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