A report from Future Care Capital (FCC) has recommended that the UK government invest more in digitising mental health services. The Mental Health Tech Landscape Review asserts that greater funding for technology could improve the quality of care and aid in the development of new technology solutions.

According to the report, the number of companies developing technology designed for mental healthcare is relatively small in comparison with other areas of healthcare. Despite plans for reform in the Health and Care Bill, the FCC warns that, without proper funding, mental healthcare could fall behind.

The report claims that increasing government spending on digital mental healthcare solutions could be vital in helping both citizens and the healthcare workforce during the country’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

FCC Head of Policy and Research Dr Peter Bloomfield said: “Support for mental health has needed improvement for many years in the UK. The pathways for accessing services are convoluted, waiting lists are extensive and outcomes are poor over the long term.”

“The pandemic has exacerbated an already difficult clinical and care context. It is unclear how the government mental health recovery plan will be implemented for citizens alongside health and care workers.”

“A complementary approach including face-to-face care and digital support tools will be useful. Coming up with new ways to maintain good mental health, in a preventative way, will be as essential as providing tools for acute care and we believe technology has a significant role to play.”

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