The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) has bestowed upon B. Braun Medical Limited a prestigious mark of quality as an official RCS centre in light of its exceptional surgery-related education provided by its Aesculap Academia surgery training institute.

The Aesculap Academia was recognised for its “efficient [and] quality teaching” and “dedicated senior leadership” and therefore deserving of the RCS accreditation following a series of review visits.

RCS’s Professor Paul O’Flynn wrote to Aesculap Academia’s managing director Paul Steel, stating that: “We were all very impressed with the quality of teaching at events, and efficient organisation.

“The dedication of senior leadership and faculty towards course delivery and development is commendable, as is the highly professional manner in which courses are developed.”

Responding to this, the chairman and group chief executive of B. Braun, Hans Hux, commented: “RCS centre accreditation is only awarded where there is a clear demonstration of the quality, and a broad confidence in, facilities, resources, faculty, education portfolio, infrastructure and management processes and we are so proud the visitors from the RCS found that right here at Aesculap Academia.

“The Royal College of Surgeons is a leading national and international centre for surgical education, training, assessment, examination and research. This partnership and accreditation will enable us to ensure the highest standards of education in surgery are met.”

The centre presently enjoys a global status for providing top-notch surgery-related training to professionals working as surgeons, nurses, physicians and anaesthetists. The RCS accreditation will undoubtedly boost its worldwide reputation and even expand its research and faculty potential.

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