Northumberland-based medtech Mavin Informatics has launched mi-SOS, a wristband featuring a QR code, which provides the wearer’s vital medical and personal information when scanned.

The device aims to help emergency services and first responders during time-critical situations and has already been officially recognised by some UK ambulance services.

The code, which can be scanned by any smartphone camera without requiring a Wi-Fi connection, provides vital details, such as underlying health conditions and current medication.

Users can inform the public about underlying conditions and update their profile with information like COVID-19 status, insurance documents, critical care plans and allergies.

mi-SOS offers different levels of privacy for the details stored on it, users have full control over their information and determine what can be accessed. The device offers robust privacy settings, with details held on an NHS-compatible server.

Mavin Informatics was founded by Managing Direct Dr Dawn Price, who suffered a near-fatal health scare in 2019, after finding herself with a slow heart rate while home alone. Since recovering, she has had a pacemaker fitted and is required to carry her information in a paper pacemaker passport.

This inconvenience inspired the development of a medical identity wearable, which provides rapid and easy access to vital information in an emergency and can be updated by the user or their family.

Dr Price said: “My health scare back in 2019 was a real wake up call for me both personally and professionally. Using my expertise in medicines and health information systems provided to the NHS, I created mi-SOS to ensure everyone can carry their own health information with them at all times, to ensure their personal needs are responded to appropriately in an emergency.”

“mi-SOS gives people ‘peace of mind’ that anyone can access their vital information they need to communicate with first responders in emergencies. We all know someone vulnerable, and people with conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, and dementia could benefit from medical interventions during those critical moments. I’m proud of our new product and passionate about the difference it can make.”

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