Philips announced its plan to merge its own IntelliSpace Cardiovascular informatics platform with LindaCare’s cloud-based program in order to monitor patients with electronic cardiac implants remotely.

On its own, Philips’ technology assembles imaging results through its internet-based workflow platform, and combines with data collected from cardiology departments across numerous hospitals, and funnels it to different applications.

The use of LindaCare’s technology will allow doctors to monitor patients’ who are outside of the building and track their recovery, generate alerts, and provide for triaging. As a result, hospitals and clinicians alike will be able to expand their portfolio of services and their capacity to monitor new patients.

Calum Cunningham, the business leader for enterprise diagnostic informatics at Philips, said: “Monitoring and follow-up of cardiac arrhythmia patients with [cardiac implantable electronic devices] can be often complex, with data trapped in different silos that need to be reviewed individually.

“LindaCare’s innovative OnePulse solution consolidates this data, and by incorporating OnePulse into our IntelliSpace Cardiovascular platform, caregivers can see this additional information as part of the broader cardiovascular history of each patient, allowing them to make the most appropriate treatment decisions for each patient.”

In addition to this, Philips is in the process of developing software that will automatically produce reports for patients with electronic cardiac implants during their hospital visits. The two new interfaces are expected to be launched by the end of the year, a spokesperson for the company said.

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