Medtech startup Medbelle has launched the NHS Waitlist Estimation Tool, which is designed to estimate waiting times for NHS patients and to support those who are still awaiting treatment during the coronavirus pandemic. The tool utilises publicly available NHS data to estimate waiting lists based on former NHS capacity.

Medbelle CEO and founder Leander de Laporte said: “Understandably, the NHS is under extreme pressure to treat the onslaught of patients who have been admitted to hospital for COVID-19 treatment.”

“This necessary re-allocation of resources has consequently led to immense uncertainty for those who had already been waiting for treatment for procedures unrelated to COVID-19. The possibility of a second peak dramatically increases the number of patients who will have to wait. We are working hard to improve the tool further, such as by providing estimated waiting times by hospital.”

Sebastian Winkler, the creator of the tool and Medbelle’s Head of New Ventures, commented: “We originally created the waiting list estimation tool for internal planning – however, it became apparent that there is high demand for this kind of information from patients who have been waiting for treatment.”

“At Medbelle, we strive to bring transparency and ease to the healthcare industry. By making the waitlist estimation tool accessible to patients, we hope to bring a topic that might otherwise be exclusive to experts to the general public as a starting point for discussion.”

De Laporte founded Medbelle in 2016. The startup styles itself as a “digital hospital” and its focus is on providing end-to-end care for patients undergoing elective procedures.

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