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UK-Irish ties and medical tech could boost Northern Powerhouse

Ongoing agreements between Ireland and the North of the UK could propel both economies to new strengths, thanks to investments made into pioneering healthcare, technology and engineering firms, a new report suggests.

A document produced by Enterprise Ireland - called “Northern Powerhouse: Business Opportunities for Irish Companies” – sets out how the UK is currently Ireland’s premiere export market, representing exports of €7.5 billion and 35 per cent of its total export product.

Despite the challenge that Brexit negotiations will make for Irish companies and their relationships with British partners, the report sets out how there are many new opportunities for economic growth between the two countries.

Flagship regeneration projects, the development of new life sciences and healthcare facilities and collaboration of scientific research and innovation projects could all see healthcare and medical technology play a central role in this process, the report continues.

It also suggests that growing civic regions – particularly around Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester – as well as improved connectivity will be fundamental contributors to growth.

The report sets out how the Northern Powerhouse is already home to leading biotech clusters, made up of over 150 small firms based in Manchester’s Alderly Park and Darlington’s £38 million Biogics project.

Other key medtech players in orthopaedic, wound care and surgical areas are also ripe for expansion.

Ireland, meanwhile, as the second largest medical device hub in Europe is strongly positioned to support such businesses with its strong design and precision engineering capabilities.

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