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NHS set to celebrate 70th birthday this year

The NHS will celebrate its 70th birthday this year, marking seven decades as one of Britain's single greatest medical innovations.

The last decade since the global financial crisis has been a challenging one for the organisation, and this year has been particularly testing for the struggling health service, but it continues to uphold a reputation for being one of the best in the world – provided to almost 1.5 million patients every day and based on clinical need rather than the ability to pay.

British science has brought the world vaccination, penicillin, IVF, stem cell transplants, artificial hips and MRI scanners, but the NHS has proved to be the most profoundly revolutionary; and with scientific advances we need it now more than ever more.

Technology is set to play a big part in the future of the NHS; from cutting-edge genomic testing to personalised cancer care and proton beam therapy. A number of other exciting developments are expected to change and streamline the way the NHS operates, and also hopefully improve care along with cost efficiency.

New markets and opportunities will make 2018 an exciting time for investment and recruitment in the market.

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