North East-based medtech QuantuMDx has announced that it has launched an £11 million investment to scale up its operations to enable it to mass manufacture its flagship Q-POC diagnostic device and the product’s disposable test cassette.

Q-POC, a portable PCR device, provides rapid, point of care molecular testing, delivering results in around 30 minutes. The device features an analyser and sample collection kit, along with its single-use test cassette.

QuantuMDx CEO Jonathan O’Halloran said: “We have developed the Q-POC over the past 10 years and created one of the fastest, most accurate and powerful PCR diagnostic devices on the market, and at the right time to be able to respond to the pandemic.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Univac, RD Support and fellow British partners, Cogent and CDP to support the international response to COVID-19 testing.”

“Scaling-up was always going to be a challenge, especially during a global pandemic, but with the commitment, focus and dedication of everyone involved with QuantuMDx and our partners, we’ll soon be able to introduce our rapid, point of care diagnostic solution to benefit frontline health workers, across the globe.”

“With the large manufacturing scale that we have achieved, QuantuMDx is poised to become an important player in the molecular diagnostics industry.”

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