A new campus at the University of Glasgow is expected to bring hundreds of medical and science jobs to the historic shipbuilding area.

The Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus at Govan, Glasgow is set to become "Scotland's silicon valley" as plans for the new multi-million-pound facility are officially announced.

According to the university the Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus (CWIC) will act as a centre of excellence for a range of sciences and technologies where academics will be able to work alongside industry partners.

The new campus will also include the updated James Watt Nanofabrication Centre (JWNC), which will provide a hub for industries like nanofabrication for quantum technology and photonics. Additionally, the campus will be home to the advanced medicine living laboratory, which will merge with the current clinical innovation zone at the local Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and provide more medical jobs for local people.

As it stands, £28 million has been given by the university to fund the project, with an additional £27.5 million coming from the Glasgow City region deal. However, the university is seeking a further £63 million in funding.

Commenting on the news, University of Glasgow principal professor Sir Anton Muscatelli said: "As Glasgow’s largest university, we are determined to play a full and active part in the public life of our city and our new campus on the south bank of the Clyde will see even more of Glasgow’s communities benefit from our activity, while creating a genuine cluster of excellence in several of the leading industries of the coming decades."

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