A new proposal (The Partnership Proposal) has been set forward that could lead to the formation of a European partnership on health innovation. The move has been welcomed by firms from the pharmaceutical and medtech industries, including MedTech Europe, COCIR, EuropaBio, EFPIA and Vaccines Europe.

The partnership would aim to demonstrate to medical professionals, researchers, citizens and patients Europe’s ambition to be a world-leading force in collaborative medical research and development.

The proposal asserts that investment in research and development will improve the resilience and sustainability of Europe’s health systems, while better meeting the needs of patients, with the COVID-19 pandemic said to have illustrated the importance of collaboration in tackling global threats to public health.

The proposal sets out governance and operational models, objectives and deliverables and provides insight into elements of the future partnership, which will be expanded upon in draft legislation due to be published this autumn.

The partnership would aim to form synergies and to complement other aspects of European research, such as the EU-Africa Global Health Partnership. There are also potential co-funded partnerships on ‘Health and Care Systems Transformation’, ‘Pandemic Preparedness and Societal Resilience’ and European Partnership for One Health/AMR, as well as with the EU4Health Programme.

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