Mammatyper, an assay designed to improve breast cancer diagnosis, has been launched in the UK and across Europe. The test utilises PCR-style technology to quantify the mRNA levels of the four biomarkers of breast cancer: ER; PGR; HER2 (ERBB2); Ki-67.

The test is designed to be quicker and far less expensive than current methods in use and is said to avoid numerous common pre-analytical errors reportedly made in pathology labs. The use of RT-qPCR technology in the test enables breast cancer tissue to be subtyped, with accurate proliferation assessment, among other markers, designed to help each individual case receive the best treatment.

The test, which produces results within hours, has been validated for six real-time PCR instruments, enabling testing to be carried out locally, especially due to the proliferation of PCR testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The manufacturer says that results from the test can provide a reliable and objective foundation for oncologists to build a treatment plan and achieve the best possible outcome for breast cancer patients.

Mammatyper Commercial Director Richard Hughes said that the test “has the potential to make a real difference to clinical outcomes for women who have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.”

Hughes continued: “By offering an alternative to traditional subtyping methodology, we believe that patients will be able to quickly start on the right treatment path for them and therefore have the best chance of fighting the disease. Current and novel pharmacological treatment regimens demand accurate initial assessment of the tumour, which is exactly what MammaTyper provides.”

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