Abbott has debuted its new Jot Dx, an insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) that enables clinicians to identify potentially harmful conditions in heart rhythm data. The device, which links wirelessly with the company’s myMerlin smartphone app, can filter out “key episodes” from daily data to assist in the diagnosis of heart arrhythmias.

After being inserted, the device monitors throughout the day and allows patients and healthcare providers to view data in real time and log symptoms as and when they occur. The device’s filters enable it to display the three key episodes of abnormal heart rhythm.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, remote healthcare requirements have meant that clinics have had to expend time and resources monitoring and searching through patient data. Abbott estimates that Jot Dx could save clinicians as much as 120 hours per month for every 100 patients.

The myMerlin app can also connect patients to Abbott’s connected care service SyncUP. This service gives patients with newly implanted devices access to a virtual orientation programme, which helps them to understand how their device works.

Heidi Hinrichs, Divisional Vice-President of Global Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for Abbott's Cardiac Rhythm Management division, said: "Technology can be intimidating, particularly when your heart is relying on it. With Jot Dx ICM, myMerlin, SyncUP and our other technologies, we want people to feel supported, knowledgeable and confident when using them, and ultimately, in control of their care.”

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