OmniPEMF has announced that its NeoRhythm headset is to be made available worldwide. NeoRhythm is a gesture-controlled neurostimulation device that uses electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to help improve sleep, relaxation, mental capacity and energy, among other things.

The device uses dominant and accompanying frequencies, which the brain synchronises to as PEMF technology encourages the brain to mimic the device’s external signals. This helps the brain enter the desired state, such as sleep, relaxation or focus, in a similar process to how the rhythmic sensations of a train ride can produce sleep.

NeoRhythm, which can be connected and controlled via a mobile app, has five non-invasive magnetic-field-producing coils for stimulation and can be used to five different positions in order to reach the area of the brain that needs to be stimulated. The device has six stimulation programs: Improve sleep; deep relaxation; enhance mental capacity; pain control; meditation; energy plus vitality.

OmniPEMF CEO Marko Kadunc commented: “For decades, PEMF technology has been used in expensive wellness devices, but OmniPEMF has taken that technology and put it into a small and affordable wearable device for anyone to use.”

“Millions of people worldwide struggle with sleep, focus and anxiety. After collaborating with neurostimulation researchers, professionals and other experts to ensure our product is top of the line, we’re extremely pleased to bring NeoRhythm to market, giving people the power to change their mental state on demand.”

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