DnaNudge, a consumer genetic testing company, has announced that its 90-minute PCR COVID-19 tests will be deployed to over 100 clinics as a result of a new partnership with DAM Health. The partnership will see the CovidNudge device deployed initially to clinics in Liverpool, Manchester and Wirral, before being rolled out across the DAM Health estate.

CovidNudge is a RT-PCR point-of-care testing system capable of returning results in 90 minutes or less, without requiring lab processing. The deal will provide DnaNudge tests for retail and corporate customers.

The CovidNudge platform combines the DnaCartridge and NudgeBox. DnaCartridge is a disposable, sealed lab-on-chip product which can multiplex as many as 72 assays and detect all known COVID-19 genes and variants. Meanwhile, the NudgeBox, which provides the mechanics to operate this device and run tests, connects to the DnaNudge Cloud in order to process results and make them available to hospitals, clinics or other health authorities.

DnaNudge co-founder and CEO Professor Chris Toumazou said: “We are delighted to be partnering with DAM Health, deploying our unique technology that truly democratises PCR testing into their clinics.”

“The DnaNudge gold-standard PCR technology is simple to use and does not require a lab or lab expertise. Customers increasingly demand decentralised preventative and personalised care, with the pandemic experience having highlighted that infectious disease is a consumer world problem.”

“There is a great synergy between the two companies with this respect. With the on-going battle against the coronavirus spread, time and ease of access are critical, and we look forward to working together to enable this in the UK and worldwide.”

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