Dublin-based Medtronic has revealed that it has acquired Ai Biomed Corp in its seventh tuck-in deal of 2020.

Ai Biomed is the developer of the probe-based PTeye system, which uses visual and audio signals to help identify and preserve parathyroid tissue that has been visually located by a physician. This is an important step in enhancing the success and accuracy of thyroid surgery.

The California-based company's technology will boost Medtronic's current NIM Vital nerve monitoring system, which makes it possible to monitor nerve function and reduce then risk of damage during head and neck surgery.

Commenting on the acquisition, Vince Racano, vice president and general manager of the ENT business, said the firm's latest deal will significantly contribute to the continuation of the company's long-standing reputation. He added: "The addition of these two technologies builds on our 20-year legacy of providing innovative solutions that assist surgeons during critical head and neck procedures."

"By offering these complementary technologies – the NIM Vital system to protect crucial nerves and the PTeye system to help confirm parathyroid tissue identified visually by the surgeon – we're helping physicians address two of the most common challenges during these procedures."

The purchased of Ai Biomed is one of seven deals secured by Medtronic this year. Among the other acquisitions was the purchase of dialysis access tech firm Avenu Medical, spinal surgery expert Medicrea and connected insulin pen maker Companion Medical. Additional deals this year included the purchase of Laser Associated Sciences, Digital Surgery and Stimgenics.

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