Birmingham-based firm AerosolShield has won £250,000 in funding from the Welsh government to assist in the development and production of its pop-up isolation tent. The tent can be used to shield carers and NHS staff from infections such as COVID-19.

The device, which covers a patients’ head and shoulders, can be erected in seconds to form a barrier between the patient and their carers during procedures which generate aerosols, such as intubation, CPR or nebulisation.

According to AerosolShield, the device blocks infected droplets from the lungs of patients coming into contact with PPE and can enable NHS staff to carry out procedures without contamination.

The product, which was only conceived at the end of March 2020, was accelerated from concept to commercial availability in six days. It has already been deployed to several UK hospitals. The tent is manufactured by Cwmbran, South Wales-based company Airquee.

AerosolShield co-founder and lead designer Mat Campbell-Hill, who is also a senior fellow at the University of Birmingham’s Medical and Dental School, said: "We're so grateful to the Welsh Government for its support in developing the AerosolShield further and ensuring that our production can cope with the growing demand through this pandemic and beyond.”

"From the very beginning, our sole focus has been to protect our friends and family who've been on the front lines of COVID-19.”

"From talking to colleagues in the NHS, it's clear the constant fear of infection or of bringing the virus home to their loved ones has been just as big a threat to their mental and physical health as the illness itself.”

"We want to offer these incredible professionals greater support to do the jobs that they are so committed to performing under the most challenging conditions."

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