The development of a new medical centre in the heart of Walsall is pending approval, which is likely to boost the local economy by creating 91 new medical jobs.

A three-story clinic with 54 consulting rooms, opticians, pharmacy and ancillary support spaces is presently under consideration, backed by Purple Platypus Property and Walsall Council.

The building will take the existing Challenge Building and Kennings garage and transform it into a new medical centre on Hatherton Road.

It is anticipated that, by combining four local GPs under one roof and providing them with less “out-dated” facilities, 31 full-time roles and 60 part-time jobs will be created with an outpatient list of 24,750.

A council document, published prior to the start of the meeting to address the development, read: "Overall it is considered that the consolidation of four local medical centres into one accessible and sustainable town centre location would ensure the long-term accessibility of health care facilities for a wide catchment area along with improving the range and quality of health care facilities available. [It] is in accordance with the aims and objectives of local and national planning policy.

"In weighing the material planning considerations, taking into account the local and national planning guidance and residents’ comments, it is considered the proposed development would bring public benefits to outweigh any potential harm."

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