Swedish health-tech company LIVI has launched the UK’s national guidelines to help NHS GPs spot and manage coronavirus symptoms in patients via video, phone or online appointments.

The guidelines were produced in partnership with the NHS using LIVI’s clinical team of NHS doctors with the aim of teaching doctors to better understand the virus and how it develops.

The majority of clinicians have turned to video, phone and online consultation in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown and, so far, there has been an absence of coronavirus guidelines for UK digital healthcare.

The new guidelines seek to aid the management of the pandemic by ensuring consistent application of identification and treatment of the virus across the UK.

LIVI UK medical director Harriet Bradley said: "The Clinical Leadership team at LIVI have developed these guidelines for video, digital and telephone consultations relating to COVID-19, to ensure that those undertaking video and phone consultations for the first time and NHS GPs have clear and up-to-date directions relating to digital consultations.”

“Having clear and consistent guidelines for video, online and telephone consultations which are derived from UK Government, NICE, BMJ and CEBM guidance during a time of unprecedented pressure will be invaluable to many colleagues.”

LIVI first launched a doctor-patient video app in the UK in 2018, through two partnerships with NHS GP federations. It is currently available to three million people across Birmingham, Shropshire, Northamptonshire, Surrey and areas of the south-east.

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