Medical device company Lightpoint Medical has been recognised in the MedTech Breakthrough Awards for its SENSEI® miniature gamma probe.

The Cambridge-based company designed the miniaturised gamma probe to widen the field of radio-guided cancer surgery, specifically for robotic and minimally-invasive surgery. The device won the award for ‘Best New Surgical Technology Solution’.

Graeme Smith, CEO of Lightpoint Medical said: "We are honoured to receive this recognition from MedTech Breakthrough. Lightpoint is actively working with surgeons globally, using SENSEI across a wide range of surgical procedures and specialities. We are driven to advance the efficacy of cancer surgery with SENSEI in combination with innovative new cancer-targeted imaging agents with the goal of improving surgical outcomes for people living with cancer.''

The device, which is smaller than an AA battery, allows surgeons to perform radio-guided procedures in previously inaccessible places such as the pelvis, abdomen, and lungs. It means that cancer can be detected directly during surgery which helps surgeons to remove it without also removing healthy, functional tissue.

Lightpoint Medical's SENSEI® is a miniaturised gamma probe designed to significantly widen the field of radio-guided cancer surgery.

James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough said: "While traditional hand-held gamma probes are the preferred standard of care for many applications, they are impracticable in tight surgical cavities and are extremely challenging to use in minimally-invasive and robot-assisted surgery."

"Lightpoint's imaging, sensing and Artificial Intelligence tools fill this need, helping surgeons quickly and accurately detect cancer in real-time in more difficult to access areas – which enhances surgical precision, improves patient outcomes, and reduces costs for healthcare systems. We extend our sincere congratulations to the Lightpoint team on winning the 'Best New Surgical Technology Solution' award for the 'breakthrough' SENSEI product."

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