Belgium-based medical device firm iSTAR Medical has announced that its latest technology for treating glaucoma has been approved in Europe. MIGS (minimally-invasive glaucoma surgery) is proving to be safer than other glaucoma surgeries and the company has developed MIGS device MINIject, a minimally-invasive implant for glaucoma surgery and open-angle glaucoma patients.

Michel Vanbrabant, CEO of iSTAR Medical, commented: “With today’s European approval, MINIject becomes the only commercially available MIGS device targeting the supraciliary space as a natural outflow pathway for IOP reduction. This is a major milestone for iSTAR Medical and our mission to bring truly next-generation MIGS devices to the glaucoma community."

"I want to thank our team, our investors, and our medical partners for their continued belief in a safer and better way to manage glaucoma by targeting the supraciliary space, with an implant powered by our proprietary STAR material.”

Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, affecting around 100 million people worldwide, and currently has no cure.

iSTAR Medical has conducted four trials in over 150 patients and found that the MINIject demonstrated a balance of powerful and sustained intra-ocular pressure (IOP) reduction with a positive safety profile. The MINIject is now being rolled out commercially across Europe and its first commercial implantations have already taken place in Germany.

Professor Dr Burkhard Dick, Head of the University Eye Hospital Bochum's Department of Ophthalmology, treated the first MINIject patient following European approval. He commented: “I’m very pleased that I’m now able to offer the MINIject supraciliary device as a treatment option to my mild-to-moderate glaucoma patients, the first of which was treated successfully today. Based on results so far, MINIject may open up new treatment paradigms for patients with glaucoma across Europe.”

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