Medical research and product development company Vesynta has become the first MedTech company to move into the Innovation Gateway at The London Cancer Hub in Sutton.

Vesynta, which is developing new technologies to monitor medicine exposure, was spun out from the Adaptive and Responsive Nanomaterials group at University College London and is focused on how much therapeutic drugs stay in the bodies of patients, and for how long. It intends to use this information to predict personalised dose adjustments to improve patient outcomes and reduce treatment-related side effects.

Dr Jugal Suthar, CEO of Vesynta, said: “Being located at The Innovation Gateway is of significant strategic importance to Vesynta, as it integrates our commercial development into a rich ecosystem of clinical and academic researchers who are the key opinion leaders in their field. Our proximity to world-renowned institutions will help with our ambitions to strengthen our ties with The Royal Marsden and establish new collaborations with The Institute of Cancer Research in existing and novel areas.”

The London Cancer Hub is a project led by The Institute of Cancer Research, and the London Borough of Sutton, which aims to create the world’s leading district for cancer research, treatment and commercial enterprise. It is projected to create 7,000 jobs in the life sciences sector and contribute £1.2 billion each year to the UK’s economy.

Professor Kristian Helin, Chief Executive at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Vesynta as part of the first wave of new arrivals to the Innovation Gateway, and it’s a pleasure to see a vibrant collaborative culture already emerging at the centre – involving active discussions and collaborations with researchers here at the ICR and our close colleagues at The Royal Marsden."

Professor Helin added: “The Innovation Gateway has a unique place in the thriving London life-science ecosystem in having such a strong focus on translating discoveries into having an impact for cancer patients, and we look forward to working with more companies like Vesynta as The London Cancer Hub develops.”

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