Cambridge-headquartered emerging technologies market research firm IDTechEx has said that remote patient management (RPM) is the biggest trend in the management of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

In its new report, Cardiovascular Disease 2020-2030: Trends, Technologies & Outlook, it says that video calls can be used to hold consultations and that digital platforms can be used for patient readings and information.

IDTechEx said: “[S]ignificant advancement has been made in the field and now cardiovascular RPM leverages a range of technologies and services to allow for the monitoring of patients both inside and outside of conventional healthcare settings.”

“It involves a number of connected medical devices for use in the home. These devices provide physicians with the vital signs needed for holistic monitoring of a patient's condition and can help provide timely intervention to prevent costly acute episodes.”

The firm says wearable technology is particularly relevant, with most innovations being made in this field. The comfort and convenience offered by wearables helps improve patient experience and outcomes.

However, IDTechEx adds that wearables sometimes don't fit the care criteria: “Non-wearable technology is also used for CVD RPM as it can be advantageous in certain circumstances. For example, it can be more versatile and allow different functions to be combined into one product.”

“In addition, patients are not always fit or willing to wear the device on their person. Trends in the non-wearable RPM technology space generally revolve around digital and electronic stethoscopes, contact-free patient monitoring and portable devices for monitoring cardiac health and activity.”

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