A new device to reduce background noise and help with focused listening has been launched by Nuance Hearing.The Voice Selector Converse is a device offering a solution for people who struggle to understand conversations in a crowded room.

Franki Oliver, audiology specialist, RNID, said: “While it might not seem obvious at first, having difficulty understanding speech in background noise is usually one of the early signs of hearing loss. The ‘cocktail party problem’ is the name used to describe the brain’s inability to filter out background noise and tune into what someone is saying in a busy environment. Most people with hearing loss experience difficulty in these situations.

"It’s important to check your hearing if you start to notice difficulty in background noise, feel that people mumble, or you ask people to repeat themselves. It’s second nature for people to have their eyes checked regularly but we don’t have the same attitude towards getting our hearing checked yet. The sooner hearing loss is identified, the earlier someone can start benefiting from life-changing hearing devices. Hearing loss can also be linked to conditions such as dementia so early intervention is vital.”

The device features eight built-in microphones, as well as auto-steering technology, which picks up the dominant speaker, even if they are moving around. The device, which in audiology tests showed that users understood speech, on average, three times better than without the product, can also be controlled by the user, allowing them to choose what they’re hearing by manually switching between speakers.

Ori Goren, CEO of Nuance Hearing, said: “Since 2015, we have been delivering powerful and advanced hearing solutions that deliver optimum performance. We know that many people in the UK are suffering in silence, unable to feel comfortable or enjoy conversing in busy environments and are proud to have launched an innovative tech solution to help combat this."

"Through innovative technological solutions, we are passionate about improving the quality of life for a diverse group of people, making every environment more accessible and helping ensure personal success and empowerment.”

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