Hearing Aid Accessories has announced that it is releasing a mobile app in time for Deaf Awareness Week in May. The online retailer has designed an app for people who suffer from, or who are at risk of suffering from hearing loss, and will be a resource for those wanting to access information and products associated with hearing health.

Samantha Bennett, CEO of Hearing Aid Accessories said: “It’s amazing to think that so much is invested on relatively frivolous things like games apps, and yet we have one in six people in the UK with hearing loss and no app out there to cater their needs.

“I think the pandemic really highlighted the need to be able to access replacement parts online. Hospitals were discouraging patients from entering and shops were closed: they had nowhere else to go. Although the period was undeniably good for business, it shows you that there is a real need out there that isn’t being fulfilled.”

Bennett, a fully-qualified audiologist with more than 20 years experience, developed the app, drawing on both her professional and personal experience helping to take care of people suffering with hearing loss.

The app, which will be available on both iOS and Android devices from 4th May 2022, will enable the 11 million people in the UK who are currently living with hearing-related conditions to place orders via their phone. The app will have a variety of products available from bespoke hearing protection to new wax guards and will aim to offer a comprehensive source of products and information related to hearing health.

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