Championing three key design features of stability, simplicity, and softness, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare have launched its new Optiflow 3S nasal cannula for the delivery of Optiflow nasal high flow therapy.

Combined with the company’s Evaqua technology, the cannula stars new features such as breathable headgear, new philtrum pillow, and side-swapping to make it one of the most innovative and comfortable designs to date.

Vice president of Products & Technology, Dr Andrew Somervell, said: “A new level of interface stability is achieved due to a re-design of our tube clip, which neatly positions the interface tube to the side of the patient’s face and results in less interface displacement and consistent delivery of therapy.

“With our new philtrum pillow feature, we have minimised the pressure exerted on the patient’s nose and upper lip. Combined with our soft, breathable headgear and structured yet flexible arms, Optiflow 3S is designed for uncompromised patient comfort and stability. Because we know that a comfortable patient is a compliant patient, and patient compliance ultimately improves outcomes.”

The new development will allow clinicians to easily adjust the interface for each individual patient by providing them with flexibility in terms of mobility, and to boost user experience.

Presently, the Optiflow 3S range is available to the Australian, British, Canadian, German and New Zealand markets, with scope for further growth and expansion upon the technology being approved in more countries and their regulatory bodies.

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