NHS hospitals have successfully adopted GAMA Healthcare’s Rediroom, which is said to be the first portable isolation solution in the world. The Rediroom is a portable cart which, within five minutes, can be deployed into a HEPA air-filtered isolation room.

The device offers a flexible solution to increase isolation capacity in the event of infection outbreaks and suspected infections, providing the ability to isolate patients in any setting. In this way, Rediroom can reduce the risk posed by Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) such as MRSA, seasonal flu and norovirus.

30 different NHS hospitals within the UK have already adopted Rediroom, making the UK health service one of the company’s key customers. Rediroom has enabled the NHS in England to increase its isolation capacity by 1 per cent.

GAMA Healthcare’s joint-CEO Guy Braverman said: “We have been delighted by the successful roll-out and the adoption of Rediroom by the NHS, having received almost 400 orders less than two years after launching the product. The NHS has been a key customer thus far, where Rediroom has increased the isolation capacity of each purchasing hospital by an average of 5 per cent and produced excellent results during the pandemic.”

“The reception to Rediroom from the hospitals using it, and from those who have evaluated the product, has been highly positive. The use of the product to date has provided further validation that Rediroom can help change the way that we approach infection prevention, protect patients and hospital staff from the risk of HAIs, and has the potential to do so in other healthcare systems as well.”

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