Orthopaedic giant Corin Group announced that it recently completed its 3,000th BalanceBot Procedure – a process by which its trademarked robotic system integrates ligament tension with bone alignment to support medical professionals during knee surgeries.

The technology works in conjunction with the OMNIBotics system to provide surgeons with precise intra-operative data on ligament tension. The communication between the two technologies allows for doctors to plan and execute cuts to the femur so that the release of soft tissue is minimised during implant placement.

As a result of the BalanceBot, patients have been found to be walking in just hours after their procedures. In addition to this, post-operation satisfaction was found to be at an average of 95.1 per cent at six months, in comparison to the 81.4 per cent industry average.

President of Corin USA, Andy McLeod, commended the successes of the existing technology and acknowledged avenues for growth and development in the future.

He said: “3,000 procedures is just the beginning, doctors around the globe are clamouring for the BalanceBot and we're looking forward to expanding into new markets during the coming year. The BalanceBot represents one of many investments that Corin has made to further advance the digital ecosystem and the larger world of orthopaedics. What's most exciting about this milestone is knowing that we've had the opportunity to affect a positive change in the lives of 3,000 people to date.”

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