Laser-based tech manufacturer Coherent and dental applications supplier exocad have announced that they are collaborating on a project to improve digital workflow for dental laboratories.

The collaboration will see a data interface set up between exocad’s DentalDB case management software and Dental Cockpit, software released last year by Coherent which makes the preparation of 3D printing models and parts more user-friendly and time-efficient.

The interface will allow exocad designs to be automatically exported into the Dental Cockpit with a single click. From there, the Dental Cockpit can pre-process and automatically generate the data for the 3D printing of parts using titanium and CoCr dental-compliant materials on the Creator printer.

This streamlined process will allow those in the dental industry to cut significant time off the digital production chain, from design to building.

Coherent Managing Director Ludovico Camarda said of the collaboration: “We are delighted to announce this cooperation with exocad. It is a natural fit to make these two dental software platforms more easily compatible.”

“It will also ensure users of exocad and the Dental Cockpit with the Creator gain huge efficiency and productivity rewards, with simplified workflows that ensure better outcomes for their dental patients. It’s a win-win situation.”

Meanwhile, Novica Savic, exocad CCO, said: “As a leading software developer for the dental industry, we work closely with many of our clients to understand their needs and requirements. Streamlining the process between design and production of dental parts is key to making their work easier.”

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