The NHS Golden Jubilee hospital in Clydebank, Scotland, has begun using a robotic arm for routine total and partial knee replacement surgery.

The Golden Jubilee, one of the largest elective orthopaedic centres in Europe, anticipates that the Mako robot will benefit around 300 patients within its first year of use.

The hospital hopes for patience to benefit from greater implant access, as well as reduced damage to soft tissue and lower blood loss. Moreover, the procedure is less invasive, causes less pain and results in a shorter hospital stay and shorter recovery time. The hospital aims to use the robot for hip replacements in the near future.

The Mako builds a 3D virtual model of a patient’s anatomy using a pre-op CT scan, validated by live intra-operative measurements. The operating surgeon can then consult this to adjust the position of the arm’s components to best treat different patients.

Nick Ohly, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital and the first to use the Mako to treat patients, said: “It is extremely exciting to be the first NHS hospital in Scotland to be able to offer robotic arm assisted partial and total knee replacements to NHS patients as part of routine care.”

“The Mako robot is unique in orthopaedics in allowing the surgeon to implant every joint replacement in the optimal position for each individual patient based on their specific anatomy, while minimising bone resection and soft tissue injury. This allows for reduced pain after surgery, optimised function and quicker recovery.”

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