Before the interview

  • We will endeavour to ensure you have all the information you need to help you succeed at this stage including who you are seeing and their position within the company, directions to the interview and job descriptions.
  • Proper preparation prevents poor performance! – you need to research the company and it’s competitors and the market in as much detail as possible. This could involve talking to staff in hospitals, research on the internet and phone etc.
  • Make sure you plan your journey in advance, including allowing plenty of time for delays – plan to arrive 10 minutes before the start of your interview.
  • Prepare questions in advance and make a note of them – this will show the interviewer that you have taken the interview seriously and are able to plan. Ask for example, about the role itself, any training on offer, the long-term opportunities, problem areas, and what they want the person in the position to achieve. It is best not to ask about salary and benefits at first interview.
  • Look the part – dress in a professional, business manner – you should be in a smart suit with clean and neat hair, nails and shoes and minimal jewellery.
  • Prepare a presentation folder – or “brag file”. You will be remembered if you can demonstrate all/ any of the following: you can show good sales figures; you have established contacts that are relevant to this position; any letters of commendation or certificates that show relevant qualifications; brochures of some of the products that you have sold; examples of the types of projects with which you’ve been involved.
  • Above all be yourself – an interview is designed to ensure that you and the company “fit” – this will only be accurate if they see the real you.

On the day

  • A firm handshake, with an enthusiastic greeting and self-introduction and good eye contact should make a positive impression. You may be nervous but smile!
  • Be positive, confident and enthusiastic – your skills have got you this far – this is your chance to show you have the personality to match!
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol before or at the interview.
  • Do not swear or use any form of bad language during the interview.
  • Keep answers to the point – avoid the temptation to waffle and “fill” – if you do not know the answer to a question say so. Something like ‘That’s an interesting question, I’ve never been asked that before…..’ will give you time to think about an answer. Do not be afraid to say you don’t know if you don’t!
  • Do not offer bad news unprompted.
  • Be professional – do not criticise previous or current employers or rival firms.
  • Talk to the interviewers about what you like about the company and what you feel you can offer. This is where your background research will pay dividends.
  • Close the interview – thank them for their time and clarify the next stage and ask if you will be included. If you are interested in pursuing the role tell them you have enjoyed the interview and are now even keener to pursue the role – this is essential especially for a sales role – you must be able to ask for the business!

After the interview

Contact us on 01424 777745 as soon as possible after the interview – we value your feedback and it will enable us to talk your interviewer and encourage the progress of your application.
Good Luck!

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