BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) has revealed the launch of its BD Intevia 1mL Two-Step Disposable Autoinjector. The device will combine both the autoinjector and a pre-fillable syringe in one integrated device.

BD announced the launch of Intevia at the Parenteral Drug Association’s 2019 Universe of Pre-filled & Injection Devices conference in Gothenberg, Sweden.

The device utilises a two-step, push-on-skin system designed to safely and effectively administer an array of drugs of different viscosities up to 35cP and different fill volumes up to 1mL.

Its optimised design allows for the device to be adopted for a variety of drugs without the need for customisation of its components. This can help to avoid problems stemming from poor system integration, improving cost efficiency and time to market.

The device is designed to be patient-friendly with its simple two-step activation enabling injection controlled by the patient. This is complemented by feedback indicators, informing patients when the correct dose has been administered.

Peter Nolan, Worldwide President, BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems, said: “BD Intevia™ is a new generation of BD autoinjectors that will help drug manufacturers seamlessly enhance drug delivery experience.

“For the patient, the platform technology is designed to promote patient ease of use when self-injecting, and it is supported by BD’s worldwide clinical injection expertise harnessing the latest research in drug delivery technology,” he added.

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