Omnos has developed a range of blood tests that can provide customers with a more targeted and data-driven insight into their health and wellbeing.

The blood tests, which can be taken at home, have been designed to combat the rise in chronic illness and can help to pinpoint causes of various symptoms. Chronic illness currently affects over 15 million people in the UK but can sometimes be prevented with lifestyle changes.

Omnos' Head of Products Christian Thomson said: “Everyone’s health is different, and the pandemic has caused us to consider our health more than ever before. Blood tests are often used for diagnosis, but we’re carrying out functional testing, so we’re looking to see whether blood markers are in their optimal ranges and how they change over time."

“Blood tests give you a great indication of what’s happening throughout the body because it gives you an indication of how systems and organs are functioning. We can cross-check these with other tests so we’re able to advise people on what’s going on in their bodies, and how they can improve and optimise their health.

“Preventative medicine is completely under-utilised; nutrition and lifestyle aren’t as heavily reviewed as other symptoms, but they can have a huge impact. Lots of people are living with chronic illnesses, like fatigue, gastro, and cardiac issues, and we can help give them these additional insights and support to ensure they have the tools to improve their lives.” Thomson added.

The finger-prick blood tests analyse DNA, biomarkers and lifestyle, enabling people to make personal and informed choices about their health.

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