A new tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can detect a stroke in 30 seconds has been made available in the UK. AUTOStroke is a triage tool that speeds up the time from diagnosis to treatment, potentially saving lives and reducing the neurological damage that stroke patients can suffer.

The tool was developed by Canon Medical Systems and the University of California Irvine (UCI). Mark Hitchman, managing director at Canon Medical Systems UK said: “The faster stroke patients get treatment, the better their outcome as time saved is brain saved."

Hitchman continued: "As part of our innovation strategy to automate clinical workflows and layer AI into existing diagnostic imaging processes and equipment, we have launched AUTOStroke. It is not a concept or at the research stages, but a market-ready solution that works as a triage software tool on CT scanners that are already in place in many UK NHS Trusts."

“It will help speed up the full scan-to-reporting process of suspected stroke cases and aims to avoid the extent of brain damage that can cause paralysis and loss of speech. This has wide-reaching recovery implications, not only for an individual and the family but also for the entire stroke healthcare continuum of physio, occupational, speech and language therapists.”

The AUTOStroke tool analyses brain images automatically to detect signs the signs of a stroke within 30 seconds, whereas it would normally take a 30-minute scan and manual reporting, which can add more time onto diagnosis.

Dr Peter Chang, assistant professor in Residence for the Departments of Radiological Sciences and Computer Science at UCI added: “While we have approximately 90 minutes to treat a patient with stroke, up to 30 minutes of that time might be spent on imaging alone. Using AI for strokes enables rapid interpretation within half a minute from when images are acquired, facilitating rapid and robust treatment and turnaround times that would be very difficult without that type of system."

"AUTOStroke is used at UCI to automatically triage and evaluate every patient with a suspected stroke that comes into the Emergency Room – it helps us in our workflow to augment and maximise the time that we have to focus on and take care of patients.”

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