Radiology solutions provider Qure.ai will work with the Italian San Raffaele University Hospital, using its automated chest X-ray solution, qXR, to monitor disease progression in COVID-19 patients.

qXR completes lung scans in seconds and quantifies how much of a patient’s lungs have been affected by the virus. qXR can also detect findings like ground-glass opacities and consolidation abnormalities that are indicative of coronavirus. It can also detect tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and lung malignancies, as well as lung collapses and cardiac disorders.

The nature of coronavirus means patients require frequent monitoring of their lungs with chest X-rays, which is a time-consuming process for radiologists who are stretched thin as it is.

Qure.ai CEO and co-founder Prashant Warier said: "By using our technology, doctors can objectively monitor disease progression in a COVID-19 patient and their response to new therapeutic approaches.”

“Our expertise with tackling Tuberculosis has served us well in developing AI solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The algorithm we’ve created will help to reduce the workload of hospital staff, as well as to devise the best treatment options for patients, at different stages of COVID-19.”

“We believe the technology will also help to aid in the discovery of new drugs and therapeutic approaches.”

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