Motion control and automation systems manufacturer Aerotech has developed a new device to facilitate the production of stents for use in surgery.

Called VascuLathe, the device boasts a fully-integrated motion system to allow for both linear and rotary movement, and combines an automated material handling function.

Aerotech has said the development of the VascuLathe technology will increase throughput by two to five times in comparison to conventional designs, and will even account for further manufacturing tolerances in the sub-micrometre range.

Managing director of Aerotech, Norbert Ludwig, said: “The increased throughput of the VascuLathe system means that medical technology manufacturers need fewer machines to produce the same amount of stents when compared to conventional production methods.”

The VascuLathe features a wet-cutting configuration for those who require a coolant to be applied during the process. It can be calibrated to cater to numerous blocks by controlling the cutting speed to minimise geometrical errors and devising less-invasive paths.

Furthermore, the Position Synchronised Output allows users to control laser pulses to maintain optimal outputs even when cutting speeds are changed.

Ludwig commented: “This new stent manufacturing solution continues our successful line of high-performance motion systems and components for medical technology and life science applications.

“With our motion systems and components, we offer medical technology manufacturers a competitive advantage in a cut-throat market.”

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