Innovate UK has awarded Ablatus Therapeutics £1.4 million to develop its minimally-invasive soft tissue tumour treatment. The grant will be used to fund a two-year project which will see the prototype device developed into a final version to be used by patients.

Ablatus’ device utilises Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA), meaning it can provide an efficient and cost-effective method of destroying abnormal tissue like tumours without the need for major surgery.

The device could be used on tumours that were previously untreatable, as well as potentially improving patient outcomes.

The funding will help Ablatus in gathering the clinical data it needs for a CE mark and commercial launch of the treatment, The company will partner with Cambridge product engineering and design firm eg technology as well as Addenbrooke’s Hospital on the development of the treatment.

Ablatus Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer and interim CEO Dr Natalie Hayes commented: “This is an enormous opportunity for Ablatus to build on the important work we have already done to complete development of what will be a game-changing treatment for patients with tumours.”

“We are especially pleased to be able to bring this exciting new technology to local patients here in Cambridge, when we start our first clinical study in Addenbrooke’s Hospital.”

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