ABC-Labs has announced that it will begin offering COVID-19 antibody level analysis using dried blood taken by self-sampling. The programme, which will start from Monday, November 8th, utilises Capitainer’s qDBS card.

The qDBS card will be sent to patients by post, with the patient then taking the sample themselves and returning the card for lab analysis. Results from the test will then typically be delivered in a few days.

The reliability of the method has been demonstrated in studies, including by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, while studies of qDBS cards returned to labs revealed that more than 95 per cent met the relevant quality standards governing accurate analysis.

ABC-Labs CEO Ahsan Amjad commented: "Creating affordable, accessible, and readily available testing has been critical for pandemic management and is a key component of building a solid healthcare infrastructure. Our partnership with Capitainer will make it more convenient for people to sample remotely and reliably check antibody levels using high-precision lab analyses.”

“We aim to build on this by launching other similar products to improve connectivity between patients and healthcare, including for example remote monitoring of chronic diseases, viruses, and the early identification of risk factors.”

Capitainer CEO Christopher Aulin added: "We are extremely pleased that ABC Labs now enables healthcare providers, pharmacies or occupational health care companies to send laboratory antibody tests for COVID-19 to them for analysis. The arrangement with ABC Labs offers both self-sampling and assisted sampling.”

“We believe there is great interest from the general public to get credible information when it comes to their antibody levels, thereby not being left with the only current option – to rely on rapid tests with uncertain precision."

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