Abbott has announced that it is introducing the Libre Sense, which it says is the world’s first glucose sport biosensor and the first personal-use product with uses beyond diabetes. The device uses the company’s FreeStyle Libre CGM technology to measure glucose in athletes.

The Libre Sense has received CE Mark approval in Europe and will be available over-the-counter for athletes aged 16 years and up.

Users will wear the biosensor on the back of their upper arm, which provides real-time glucose monitoring. The device wirelessly streams data through bluetooth every minute to a compatible mobile app or wrist reader.

The Libre Sense will initially be made commercially available in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland. A non-exclusive collaboration with Supersapiens will see the system used in training by teams at the Tour de France in an observational trial.

Abbott Senior VP, Diabetes Care, Jared Watkin said: “FreeStyle Libre changed the way millions of people manage their diabetes to get and stay healthier, and now with Libre Sense we’re bringing that same proven technology to empower athletes to help them reach their athletic performance goals”.

“This is just the beginning – our breakthrough sensing technology has the potential to go beyond glucose and provide a lens into what’s happening in the human body that could provide meaningful insights into other conditions, treatments, and ultimately improve health.”

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