Cambridge-based medtech 52 North Health has raised £1 million to fund clinical trials for its sepsis testing device NeutroCheck. The funding round, which was the medtech startup’s first fundraising, was led by Cambridge Enterprise.

NeutroCheck utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to determine chemotherapy patients’ risk of neutropenic sepsis. The device is portable and can enable patients to test themselves at home using a blood finger-prick. The platform can be used for soluble and insoluble biomarkers from a single specimen through the use of an app supported by the NeutroCheck device.

Typically, sepsis risk is determined by sending chemotherapy patients who feel unwell to A&E for antibiotics and blood tests. Around half of these cases are discovered to have no risk of sepsis.

Commenting on the fundraising, 52 North Health CEO and co-founder Umaima Ahmad said: “We are delighted to have the support of excellent investors who are aligned with our values. With the advent of personalised medicine and an increasingly decentralised healthcare system – a need accelerated by the pandemic – many existing care pathways are no longer fit-for-purpose. In addition, the digitisation of healthcare can often exacerbate health inequality.”

As well as funding the clinical trials, the financing raised will also help 52 North Health to target partnerships with the UK Sepsis Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support. In addition to Cambridge Enterprise, funding came from King’s Health Partners MedTech Innovations, Meltwind, Crista Galli Ventures and Milltrust Ventures, alongside a group of angel investors.

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